Where all your favorite vocalists have gone.......

             Early Rock N Roll....          That Made Sock Hops Fun!

The Voices that will keep you warm at night......

The Great U.S. Bands that make Summer fun.......

                                                                                          They May Be Gone..But their music lives!

You will find at Flaming Oldies.com that we play the greatest songs ever recorded and aired on radio during the great 1950's,1960's,1970's and now 1980's.

 You'll hear Elvis, The Four Seasons, The Beach Boys, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, The Diamonds, Tom Jones, Frankie Avalon, Motown Classics, The Drifters, The  Flamingos and many, many more.

So get away from that "so-called" oldies radio on the airwaves that no longer plays the songs you want to hear. Click on our great web station  Flaming Oldies and hear the true oldies.

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Flaming Oldies News

Flaming Oldies is pleased to return to the internet as we rejoin streamlicensing.com our royalty and fee provider .

What does this mean for Flaming Oldies? It means we are now able to continue the music you enjoy as you normally do.

With the ever changing licensing fees being charged by the music industry and to be able to pay the musical artists that we all listen to on radio, Flaming Oldies will continue to bring the best possible product to our listeners.  Thank you for sticking with us during these unsure times for music.



The on-air personalities who host the  shows  each week...more


Please support Flaming Oldies so we may continue to bring this great music to you. 


"Lovin' your choice of music here in Rawtenstall, Lancashire, UK. Don't ever stop!".....Julian   U.K.

"Thank you for keeping the memories alive. God bless all of you at the station. Keep on trucking!"...Carlos  Florida, U.S of A    

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Flaming Oldies is officially licensed ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SoundExchange, through streamlicensing.com .   Any and all licensing inquiries should be directed to streamlicensing.com