Our Friends

For Several Years I have had the pleasure of being entertained by some great friends who have taken their talents and have entertained many others over the years. Every person needs to be entertained at some point and here are a few of those individuals who have kept me smiling as a fan and as a radio professional. Please visit their web sites and if you ever have a chance to see them perform live, please do....

 Keith Cooper, Flaming Oldies Founder


Darelle Holden

Darelle is a true professional and holds true to her craft. My first time seeing Darelle perform was in the 1990's when she was one of the background vocalists for my teen idol Sir Tom Jones. Her passion for performing is quite noticable when she takes the stage. A very lovely and talented lady.

 Darelle Holden's "The Las Vegas Show"


Steve Connolly

We all love Elvis. Steve is the ultimate Elvis impersonator and appears regularly in Las Vegas. Steve is a local boy here in Worcester, MA. I had a chance to have him on my radio show live. He had just finished a major performance locally and he came to visit me for some great acoustic of That's Allright Mamma and Heartbreak Hotel. It truely was like going back in time with Elvis.

Spirit of The King


Niki Luparelli

My friend Niki and I first met when she was a bartender for a local cafe that I use to visit. She would pour me a drink and we talked about show business and how it was important to tone muscle in order to have a great appearance on stage. She now performs all over New England at music clubs and various casinos.

Chanteuse Niki Luparelli & The Gold Diggers


Steve McCoy

It's no secret that I have been a fan of Tom Jones since I was a little 9 year old. Steve McCoy is also a major fan follower.  In fact, his profession is being a Tom Jones impersonator. He is one of the best. I had a chance to see him perform at Foxwoods Casino.  He not only resembles Mr. Jones, but sounds very much like him. Steve runs his own company which features various celebrity impersonators.

The Real MCcoy LLC