Radio Personalities


Keith Cooper

Keith Cooper is the founder of the Flaming Radio Network.  He's the Program Director at Flaming Oldies.com .  Keith also is the host of AM Radio and has also produced the Motown Jukebox, Twin Spin Tuesday and Radio London on Flaming Oldies.com.

Keith first started out in radio in 1985 at WCOP in Greater Boston. Previous to that, he was a photo journalist for several newspapers in Massachusetts. He joined WORC radio  in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1993 as an "Oldies" DJ then became afternoon music producer for "The Frank Foley Show".

In 1995 he produced his own special music program called "The Sensational Seventies". In 1998, he joined WORC-FM "98.9 The Bus" spinning rock tunes. He rejoined AM 1310 WORC in 2000 as host of "The Meaning Of Man Show."


E-Mail:   keith@flamingoldies.com
Web Site:    flamingoldies.com
Social Media: Twitter

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Frank Allan

Frank Allan was born and raised in Brooklyn NY. He started his radio career while in college in 1970 during a time when there was no internship to help him along. So he went to the school of hard knocks by hanging out at local radio stations, getting familiar with all of the DJ's, and they with him.

He's done work at some of the biggest stations in New York. WWRL, WOR, WCBS, WPAT, ESPN, just to name a few. Now he's head of Frank Allan Productions producing Radio and TV commercials and documentaries. His most favorite documentary is his childhood idol Moon Dog Alan Freed which he produced and narrated http://vimeo.com/19457445 .

And now today he gets to entertain the world with his weekly oldies formatted syndicated radio show Music Beat.


E-Mail:  FrankAllanProd@aol.com

Web Site:    http://www.frankallanprod.podomatic.com
Social Media: Twitter   Facebook



Kurt David

Kurt David is Host Of Takin' Ya Back

Takin' Ya Back  airs  -

TYB 60s - SAT  3:00 PM EST  

TYB 70s - SAT  400 PM EST   

My parents were not my favorite people growing up - sound familiar.  We moved too many times - new cities, new friends, new radio stations.  The last part turned out to be the best part of my early years. (thanks mom and dad).

The appreciation I have for what it takes...and what it took to create a song is what drove me to create my own programs. Sharing the secrets behind the songs...and blending together the music is my passion.


E-Mail:  KurtDavid@TakeYouBack.com

Web Site:  takeyouback.com

Social Media:   Facebook


Todd Baptista

Todd Baptista is host of "Wax Museum"

Wax Museum airs  "TBD"

A native of New Bedford, Massachusetts, Todd Baptista’s lifelong interest in vocal group harmony music and writing has yielded four critically acclaimed books including 2007’s Group Harmony: Echoes Of The Rhythm & Blues Era.
His literary works documenting the history of rhythm and blues and doo wop have appeared in magazines including Goldmine and Blues & Rhythm, and in the liner notes for various CD reissue projects..
E-Mail:  trbent@charter.net
Social Media:  Facebook

Matt The Cat

Matt The Cat is host of "Juke In The Back"

Juke In The Back airs : Sundays at 11:00 EST

Matt The Cat spent the better part of the last decade howlin’ nightly to a national audience over XM Satellite Radio’s 50s channel.

On weeknight The Night Prowl Show with Matt The Cat  took radio listeners prowling around the back alleys of early rock n’ roll and rhythm and blues.

He delivers the “story behind the story” on the hits that enthusiasts remember and the rarities that should have been hits.

Matt The Cat currently hosts a weekly syndicated rhythm and blues show called the “Juke In The Back,” which airs on both public and commercial radio stations nationally.


E-Mail:    mattthecat@mattthecat.com

Web Site:    www.jukeintheback.org

Blog:  http://www.mattthecat.com/Blog2/


Bart Shore

Bart Shore is host of "Time Warp Radio"

Time Warp Radio airs Sundays at 6:00PM EST

Bart Shore is a radio vet, who started in Iowa playing top 40 radio on KLWW and then 10 years as a Music Director and Program Director at KRNA in Iowa City. Off to Chicago in 1985 at a variety of music stations and for the last twelve years reporting on The CBS all news station WBBM NewsRadio.

Bart's passion for oldies keeps him busy with the Time Warp Radio Show which has been playing at radio stations all across the country since 2009.  Thanks to TUNEIN radio the show is heard world wide, and from Bart's web site, www.BartShore.com


E-Mail:     BartShore@gmail.com

Web Site:  www.BartShore.com

Social Media: Facebook & Twitter


Chuck Taylor

Chuck Taylor is the host of "Greatest Hits USA"

Greatest Hits airs Saturdays at 10:00 AM Chuck Taylor hails from Westbury, New York and developed an affinity for radio in High School.

Chuck had his first on the air experience at CW Post College which rapidly evolved into his successful radio career.

Chuck has been a radio entertainer at various radio stations throughout the country, but he is best known for his time at WGBB on Long Island and most recently as morning host at WYJB in Albany, New York. At WYJB.

Chuck hosted the morning show for over 17 years. Now, Chuck Taylor’s radio passion continues to shine as host of Greatest Hits USA, playing America’s favorites!


E-Mail:  http://greatesthitsusa.com/contact-us/

Web Site:   www.greatesthitsusa.com


Tom Fallon

Tom Fallon is host of Motown Memories featuring the greats of the Motown label.

The show airs  Saturday 1:00 PM EST.

Tom Fallon grew up in Boston and you can tell from his thick Boston accent! His first taste at radio was at Boston's Northeastern University at WRBB (Radio Back Bay).

His passion for all the great music from the 1950's through today is evident from his vast music collection. He loves playing both the popular as well as the obscure songs on Motown Memories.


E-Mail:  motownmemories@yahoo.com

Web Site:  motownmemories.com


Mike Walker

Mike Walker is host of "Saving The 70s"

 Saving The 70s  airs Sundays at 2 PM EST.

Mike Walker is a 37 year veteran of the radio wars, and a fanatic about all things 70s. Mike is legally blind from retinitis pigmentosa, and does all production from his home studio, "The Production Room", in Wilkes County, North Carolina.

He's been married to his high school sweetheart, the lovely Robin, for 34 years. He's never done anything but radio, and with a little luck, never will. It's the greatest medium there is!


E-Mail:   savingthe70s@aol.com
Web Site:  savingthe70s.com