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Michael Los Angeles, California

" I grew up on WABC-AM in NYC. So everything you play, I know and remember. I am about as old a rock, with my earliest memories of songs I liked being sung by The Coasters, Dion and the Belmonts, and the Tokens "Little Star" ... I KNOW radio and music. I produced records on LA and worked with Tiffany and Smokey Robinson in the early 80s. I enjoy your thoughtful blend of old and new, and your willingness to play songs some might consider to be lesser hits, like for instance. The 4 Seasons "Ronnie" or the Drifters "Saturday Night at the Movies" ... Not that I heard those on your station, but they are able examples of what I like about you. I will try and listen at other times of the day to get a more rounded feel for your programming. But what I have heard so far is quite good. I listen on my iPhone via the TuneIn Radio app (a really GREAT APP by the way). Suggestion: play more Dusty Springfield and Dionne Warwick, two women who are always great. All the best to you" ....

Camilo São Paulo, Brazil

"I'm enjoying The Date With Diane Show! A great show. I like her voice, too. Very cool! Thank you so much, folks!".

Ruth U.S.A.

"Great show. Great, but sad info about Scott. Loved the chat with Marshall Lytle too. Last night, for the 1st time, when the servers were back on again. I was listening to Joey Prout's show - The Soda Shoppe"

Julian U.K.

"Lovin' your choice of music here in Rawtenstall, Lancashire, UK. Don't ever stop!"

Ken Tennesee U.S.A.

Listening on Tune in radio in Portland Tn., while the power is out from a thunderstorm.".

Rod Australia

"Been trying several oldies stations but always come back to this one. Keep up the great music"

Dan Québec, Canada


Carlos Florida, U.S of A

" Thank you for keeping the memories alive. God bless all of you at the station. Keep on trucking!"

Marjorie Bemidji, Minnesota

" I really like Flaming Oldies page..... Even better, good sound and music.....:-)  Thank you! "

Wayne Ontario, Canada

"Always love oldies music. Thank you!"


"Love the music, the tribute to Donna Summer, Love the photo of the car hop & the cars!!! Lordy times were GOOD back then. It'll never be that way again. Sad."

David Melbourne, Australia

"Love the radio station, use to listen to the oldies on a station in Alabama but they changed their format. Keep the oldies going."

Hennie Sasolburg South Africa


Daniel Highland Park, New Jersey

"Believe it or not I am only 18 years old and I love the music you play. To me music from this era is the best. The songs had lyrics that had important messages and meanings to life. I don't like most of the music of today like Justin Bieber or Adele for example"

Jeanne Williamsport, PA

"Love this station! Thanks for bringing back so many great memories playing the oldies...some rarely heard anymore. I'm a big fan!!"

Doreen Boston, MA

"Jimmy Jay is the Ultimate DJ and a Wonderful Friend. He will always be #1 in my book! No other DJ has the following that he has. Thanks for the Fantastic Tribute to Donna Summer "

Michael Eastbourne, England

"Have recently found your station on the internet. Love the music you play - takes me back to the times when music was really worth listening to. I will pass on to similarly minded friends. All the best."

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Observation Deck

My weekly column is more or less about a potpourri of items that include music, radio, movies, television, headline news, food or whatever else I’m in the mood to talk about.

keith49Keith Cooper

Friday, May 16, 2014 7:02:59 PM

Television: Well this week I got a look at the network show cancellations.  There are just so many shows out there now I can’t even keep track, but I do have my favorites and a few of those got canned.  So I’m guess I’m just one of the millions who lost their favorite show(s) to the corporate greed. Let’s see now, my faves that got cancelled or not renewed for a new season were Intelligence (CBS),Warehouse 13 (SyFi), Dads (Fox) and Friends with Better Lives (CBS).   I’m still smarting last season over the cancellations and/or non-renewals of Fringe,Leverage, Ghost Whisperer and Fairly Legal…..... I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, the most annoying talk show on the air right now is “Ellen”.  Nothing against Ms. DeGeneres, in fact she is quite humorous, but the audience is louder than that crowd which supports that Seattle Seahawksfootball team.  They are loud and obnoxious

Major Crimes:  So was anyone surprised that Aaron Hernandez was also charged with a double-murder in Boston?...

At The Movies:  I had a chance to see The Amazing Spiderman II this past week.  I love the 3D stuff; however, the movie itself wasn’t as good as the firstAmazing Spiderman from last year.  Captain America was also great with the 3D.  That movie was quite good......… American Hustle” which was filmed partly last year here in my city of Worcester Massachusetts, got several Oscar nominations.  I didn’t exactly get it. Even though it was nice to see our city become Hollywood for a couple of months, the movie was terrible. It was pretty bad. I just don’t get the critics…..

 In Sports:  As much as I hate to have to say this, but our Boston Bruins are a bunch of sore losers.  They got outplayed and out-coached by a very goodMontreal Canadians team.  Hey guys, man-up and congratulate the team that clearly wiped you all over the ice........ Oh Yoo-hoo, has anyone seen ourBoston Red Sox team anywhere? Can someone let them know that we’re already a month and a half into the season and that they need come and play ball!...

On The Economy: Seriously, the corporate rich is whining about increasing the minimum wage for workers because they think it will hurt business? It's nice that the CEO's have nice homes and fancy schmanzy cars. They also get to send their kids to great educational institutions. Why the worry? Are they not  outsourcing jobs to other countries where workers get paid pennies and therefore the company's profit margin is considerably higher these days? Yeah, that's not good enough, let's keep the families of America in the poor house, because it is the American dream for CEO's and their greedy companies to control Lady Liberty.


Flaming Oldies Tidbits

We've updated the Flaming Oldies web site recently to give it a fresher look.  We hope you enjoy it. Please take a moment to take our Oldies Listener Polleach week.......Since my last update, we've added some new shows to our schedule. Please welcome Greatest Hits USA with Rick Williams and Solid Gold 60s with Geoff DorsettGreatest Hits USA is a wonderful 3 hour show on Saturdays from 10 Am - 1 PM EST playing the hits of the 60s and 70s. We are looking to schedule this show in a second time slot so that our listeners outside the USA can hear this show at reasonable hour.  Solid Gold 60s is currently a 1 hour show hosted by Geoff Dorsett who just gives you a great decade of music and interviews.  The show will be going to 2 hours in the near future as we have received some great feedback about the show....If you know of anyone or maybe yourself that has a show that you would think that would fit on our schedule, please let me know. I listen to every show submitted to see if it is something that our listeners would enjoy....We want to congratulate Matt The Cat the host of Juke In The Back for opening his new bread & breakfast inn named the Stepping Stone Inn in Salem, Massachusetts.  Matt is taking reservations right now for one of the most historical locations in the world.

Have a super great week……..


RSS Latest in Flaming Oldies Entertainment & News

  • Screen Actors Guild awards is all about women January 21, 2018
    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Women and their stories are likely to dominate the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards on Sunday in the second big Hollywood ceremony this year that aims to transform the sexual misconduct scandal sweeping the United States into a celebration of female empowerment.
  • British singer Ed Sheeran gets engaged to school friend Cherry Seaborn January 20, 2018
    LONDON (Reuters) - British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran said on Saturday he is engaged to long-time friend Cherry Seaborn, whom he first met at school at the age of 11.
  • 'Fast & Furious' star Diesel brings high-octane live show to London January 20, 2018
    LONDON (Reuters) - The roaring engines and burning rubber of "The Fast & The Furious" films - one of cinema's highest-grossing franchises - are skidding off the screen and into the real world, as a live stunt show based on the movies opens in London on Thursday.
  • Tom Petty died due to accidental drug overdose: coroner January 20, 2018
    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Rocker Tom Petty died in October due to "multisystem organ failure" brought on by an accidental overdose of seven medications, the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner's office said on Friday.
  • Hollywood producers issue anti-harassment guidelines January 19, 2018
    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Hollywood producers on Friday outlined steps aimed at preventing sexual harassment on and off television and movie sets in a response to revelations of misconduct that have shaken the entertainment industry in recent months.

Our Friends

For Several Years I have had the pleasure of being entertained by some great friends who have taken their talents and have entertained many others over the years. Every person needs to be entertained at some point and here are a few of those individuals who have kept me smiling as a fan and as a radio professional. Please visit their web sites and if you ever have a chance to see them perform live, please do....

 Keith Cooper, Flaming Oldies Founder

Darelle Holden


Darelle is a true professional and holds true to her craft. My first time seeing Darelle perform was in the 1990's when she was one of the background vocalists for my teen idol Sir Tom Jones. Her passion for performing is quite noticable when she takes the stage. A very lovely and talented lady.

 Darelle Holden's "The Las Vegas Show"

Steve McCoy


It's no secret that I have been a fan of Tom Jones since I was a little 9 year old. Steve McCoy is also a major fan follower.  In fact, his profession is being a Tom Jones impersonator. He is one of the best. I had a chance to see him perform at Foxwoods Casino.  He not only resembles Mr. Jones, but sounds very much like him. Steve runs his own company which features various celebrity impersonators.

The Real MCcoy LLC

Niki Luparelli


My friend Niki and I first met when she was a bartender for a local cafe that I use to visit. She would pour me a drink and we talked about show business and how it was important to tone muscle in order to have a great appearance on stage. She now performs all over New England at music clubs and various casinos.

Chanteuse Niki Luparelli & The Gold Diggers

Steve Connolly


We all love Elvis. Steve is the ultimate Elvis impersonator and appears regularly in Las Vegas. Steve is a local boy here in Worcester, MA. I had a chance to have him on my radio show live. He had just finished a major performance locally and he came to visit me for some great acoustic of That's Allright Mamma and Heartbreak Hotel. It truely was like going back in time with Elvis.

Spirit of The King

Celebrity Music Websites

Elvis, Jackie Wilson, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the oldies we all love, check them out here.

Mobile Apps

No one ever deserves the stress of the job. Now you can ease your mind with the music of Flaming Oldies now available on your mobile device from the TuneIn mobile app. Just download the proper TuneIn app for your mobile device and then do a search for Flaming Oldies. You'll always have Flaming Oldies when you need us.

bigstock-dialing-telephone-keypad-conce-86579804Over the last few months we have received requests for a "dial-up" phone line for our listeners to use when they are away from their computers or don't necessarily use a Smart Phone. They want to be able to use an old traditional landline telephone to hear Flaming Oldies while at work or away on business or vacation.

With the help of  ZenoRadio  we are able to bring Flaming Oldies right to your landline telephone. This service is not a Toll-Free phone number.  Long distance charges will apply unless you have unlimited long distance service.

 Dial: (415) 655-0004

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We are very proud of the broad selection of music we play from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

Our music library is quite large and continues to grow weekly and new songs are added. This playlist helps our listeners see the wide range of oldies music that is available on Flaming Oldies. We hope you tune in and enjoy!

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